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My name is Jack

Text und Musik: Daniel "Dän" Dickopf
Arrangement: Edzard Hüneke

My name is Jack, I'm the everlasting
answer to your moral questions,
I am your authority,
never try to get rid of me!
Sometimes I'm so hard to bear
but in the end you're glad that I was there.

My name is Jack, and I'm your bad conscience.
I will be back when you think you've got over me.
If you drink too much, or you miss your duties,
we'll stay in touch, 'cos I won't set you free.
I'm the only one who politicians owe subscription -
but only some of them care.
I'm the one who makes you pay your income tax
and when you play a game
then I remind you to be fair.

My name is Jack,

When you have a fling 'cos you just forgot yourself
I'll spread my wings and I'll fly inside your mind.
Then I will tell the other side of the story,
you'll go to hell, but you might see
you have been blind.
When you find a wallet I will take you by your hand and make you give it back.
All you've got to do is open up your eyes and realize
you should accept the warnings of Sir Jack.

My name is Jack,

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