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You are the Sunshine of my life

Text und Musik: Daniel "Dän" Dickopf
Arrangement: Edzard Hüneke

It's been a long and hard day,
I'm sick and tired of it all,
Now I've been driving for hours
just to be with you.
I've got to go all the way,
though I feel weary and small,
now I am longing for the magic of the things you do.
Another mile, my mind is jumping 'round,
I want to hear that lovely sound
When you're smiling in my heart
Give me a brand new start!

You are the sunshine of my life,
the weather changes as soon as you're near.
You're painting rainbows in my sky,
and the sun always shines when you're here.

It will take a while,
but I hope that day ain't too far
until I'm able to return the love you gave to me.
It's in the way that you smile,
it's in the way that you are,
you take that weight from my back
and you set me free.
I'll never give away the treasure that I found,
you're love is turnin' me around
Lead me to that brand new start
Take my soul, take my heart!

You are the sunshine of my life

Give me a brand new start!

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