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English – An introduction to our album “Achterbahn” – find out what we’re talking about!

An introduction to our album “Achterbahn” – find out what we’re talking about!

01 Achterbahn: This is a song about a roller-coaster ride. It takes ages to get to the front of the queue; and then it’s wild, it’s almost too crazy to bear, but … let’s go round again!

02 Ein dickes Ding: Watch the video with English subtitles.

03 Ich bin wie ich bin: This song is about personal identity. I am who I am – if I am not the way you expect me to be, then that is not my problem. I choose my own way of being and I believe in the saying, “Live and let live”.

04 Das Sägewerk Bad Segeberg: Watch the video with English subtitles.

05 Ein Engel: Watch the video with English subtitles.

06 Ans Ende der Welt: A song about making a break and getting away. We have been in one place for too long; it is time to get out, we have no plan and hardly any money – but we will find our happiness together at the end of the earth.

07 Keine gute Idee: This song tells of crazy ideas. You could stand on a metal ladder in a field during a thunderstorm, or check whether the lion’s cage is locked up properly; you could cross the motorway in no particular hurry or smoke two packets of cigarettes in a day… But I tell you, that really wouldn’t be such a great idea.

08 Lächeln lernen: This song is about the importance of a smile. Learn how to smile. You so often see the negative sides; you make your own life so difficult. You see that the glass is half empty, not half full. What you need to do is to learn how to smile.

09 Dein Blick: This song tells of someone’s reaction to being looked at. When you look at me, you touch the depths of my soul. You look at me and I am transported into other worlds, warmer times. You look at me and I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

10 Generation Hörgerät: A song about people not hearing properly. We are the generation that needs to wear a hearing aid, because we listened to music full blast when we were younger. So many misunderstandings can happen when you can’t hear properly! But also – you won’t hear your partner saying, “Turn that bloody music down!”

11 Antidepressivum: A song about the effect that one person can have upon another. You and your incredible energy are better than any drugs for me; every time I see your beautiful smile I am bowled over. You rock my world!

12 Ich kann nur den Refrain:
This is a song about only remembering the chorus. The verses are difficult, I can only ever remember the bit that repeats. Why not leave out the verses so that I can sing along all the time…all the time…all the time…

13 Alles so schön bunt hier: A fantasy dream song about wonderful colours and good vibes. I am so relaxed here, time and space have no meaning. I don’t know how I got here, but I don’t ever want to leave.

14 Küss mich: A song as an invitation to a kiss. Kiss me…right here, right now. Don’t say a word, just kiss me. You don’t need to change, or talk about the past, or the future… Just listen to your inner voice, telling you to kiss me.

15 Dankbar für die Zeit: This song is set at a funeral. I am so grateful for the time we had together. I can’t quite believe that you’ve gone, and in some ways you will always be with me. The children’s laughter reminds me that even though you are not here, it is possible for life to go on.

16 Immer für dich da: A song about making a promise. I will always be there for you. I’m really not anyone special, I’m not Robert de Niro; I don’t have heaps of cash; I won’t beat any sporting world records and I probably wouldn’t even dare to bungee-jump. But if you ever need me, day or night, I will be there for you, I promise.

From the deluxe album:

Der Bär groovt: A wordplay that means both: “The bear is in the groove”, and “The hills are calling”. This song is about a bear who moves to the music. The bear is lying in his hammock, chilling out, but he hears a beat in the distance and his left leg starts tapping to the beat. If we all chilled out like that bear, the world would be a groovier place.